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Two of them are Cub Swanson and Jens Pulver. Cub Swanson embodies loyalty, hard work and one of the most fan-friendly personalities and fight styles. At the time of his victory over Caol Uno for inaugural gold, Pulver was cutting a whopping three pounds and simply outwilling and out skilling all of his opponents. Unsure of what their identity was, WEC was playing host to fighters like Dan Severn, Frank Shamrock and Shonie Carter in the early frank casino flashback before finally finding their groove as the host to smaller weight classes.

The Chael Sonnens and Brian Stanns turned into Eddie Winelands and Demetrious Johnsons and opportunities were now available for all learn more here fighters like Pulver who were sick of fighting guys who had 25 pounds on them. One of the frank casino flashback fighters was Cub Swanson. Spending the first two years of his frank casino test in the same position as Pulver, Swanson finally found a home with promotions who hosted featherweight divisions. Show after show, the quiet but violent Swanson was becoming one of the most popular fighters on the California regional circuit.

Blast from the past. WECMonth pic. Swanson was a hungry contender with the wind at his back. The lightweights were getting heavier and heavier. It was finally time to find a home. It was only right that the two would cross paths. The stars aligned both metaphorically and literally. Then I got that fight. Me and my manager saw he was coming into the WEC and we were both frank casino flashback excited; we pushed to get the fight and we got it. Digging deep was nothing new for Swanson, but he would need to use every possible opportunity to get a leg up on Pulver frank casino flashback if it was a spur of the moment passing in a Las Vegas hotel.

He just stared at me the whole time. The filter was taken out. The hardest fighter to dislike sharpened the corners like he had frank casino flashback done before. A harsh interview with the risk of ruffling feathers was frank casino flashback to him. And it came with a heavy price. The most heated buildup of his career, his path to WEC gold and the payoff of two training camps was over in less than a minute. Bad blood from some of the most unlikely suspects. It was bad. There was even fighting going on amongst the crowd right there.

Not like punching, but there was a lot going on. The closest to the title he ever was had been erased in 35 seconds. I was excited about the opportunity and thought that I was being kind of played with. The MMA circle is small and the two have crossed paths but no ill will exists. Those who did notice have likely forgotten. Just at that particular moment in time he put me in a really bad spot. I had no money. I had to borrow money to do another training camp and I think he made like 50 or 60 grand and I made five. It was my article source that made me bitter.

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