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Avoid avoid avoid The 3x wagering requirement is fairly standard across the industry. However, in every casino I have ever played at, the wagering requirement resets to zero once you've lost the deposit. At FrankCasino, the wagering requirements are carried frank casino info indefinitely. How does this impact players? To give an example, if you had a bad run, lets say 3 consecutive days losing euro each day, your account is liable for wagering requirement three times euro before being allowed to make a withdrawal. So on the fourth day, you log in, deposit a tenner, and win euro At every other casino I've played at, when you deposit the tenner on the fourth day, your wagering requirement would be thirty euro - wagering requirement for all previous deposits are removed from the account frank casino info the deposits are lost.

Wagering requirements carrying forward over time on your account might mean you find yourself in a situation where you can't win at all due to vast wagering requirements accruing over extended periods of bad luck. Needless to say wagering isn't carried apologise, frank casino download you after you've frank casino info a withdrawal It's like you're constantly playing with bonus money, despite not accepting bonuses.

Furthermore, play on jackpot games doesn't count towards any wagering requirements. What about those of us who only play Jackpot games? When you make a withdrawal, the money doesn't go from your in-play balance I just find it all absolutely absurd.

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