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Dustin Poirier is a curious choice to be the archenemy of a charismatic international superstar. A graceful loser earlier in his mixed martial arts career, McGregor inexplicably claimed he had been winning the fight — all three judges frank casino mirror the only round for Poirier, with two giving it to Poirier — and crudely insulted both Poirier and his wife before being carried from the cage. In between his classless comments about Poirier in the cage, McGregor made sure to plug his official post-fight afterparty at the Wynn casino before he headed off for leg surgery.

McGregor is in MMA and in boxing frank casino mirror late He turns 33 on Wednesday, and by the time his leg heals, it will be a half-decade since his last victory over a relevant opponent. My goal is to provide for my family, and with these frank casino mirror hands that I beat these guys down with, lift my city learn more here, lift people in need up. Thank you for buying a ticket. McGregor will need months to heal his leg, giving him plenty of time to recalibrate his mind for a comeback or for retirement.

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