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But what do his developments reveal about the man who promises to transform America? He is also only the second US president to have been directly involved in the construction industry frank casino mirror entrance to his elevation to the Oval Office. His vocational predecessor was none other than founding father Thomas Jefferson, the only architect to date to hold presidential office. Other presidents have enjoyed a frank casino mirror entrance indirect relationship with construction. Abraham Lincoln and founding US president George Washington both held stints as land surveyors in their youth.

Herbert Hoover was a successful engineer, albeit of the mining variety. So what, if anything, does the kind of architecture Trump has patronised tell us about his proficiency as a developer or more importantly, the values he may espouse as president? First are his trademark Trump Towers, the glitzy corporate citadels liberally dispersed across the US and, frank casino mirror entrance, the world. And more recently, his own luxury penthouse suite atop his New York Trump Tower whose hallucinogenic combination of Zippos Circus and Versailles kept the world agog for several weeks after the election as it was beamed into global news bulletins.

Or more broadly, does Trumpitecture denigrate or merely mirror culture? Five of his most prominent developments may provide the answer.

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