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For instance, consider what happened this past weekend against the Padres. After two impressive wins to secure a series victory over San Diego, the Phillies blew a chance to sweep with an frank casino promo loss that was about as ugly as it gets. And you know how it goes. How many frank casino promo until the frank casino promo deadline sale, right? They know it, too. Didi Gregorius smokes one into the Wrigley bleachers to tie it up!

They made it hurt when Cubs third baseman Eric Sogard made an ugly error in the eighth. Starter Matt Moore gave his team a chance early on, the Phillies swatted five homers, had some frank login hits, and a much maligned bullpen came through. Four relievers combined to allow just three hits and one earned run over five innings. The Phillies will have to break this annoying habit over the coming weeks if they hope to change their current path.

The setup basically screams it: Aaron Nola up against ex-Phillies pitcher and fan favorite Jake Arrieta, who is currently in the midst of a particularly awful run for a team in the midst of a particularly awful run. Since May 30, Arrieta has a 7.

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