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First a near-forgotten town founded by railroad workers and Gold Rush pioneers, it quickly grew to become a gamblers' paradise, a vacation destination and everything in between. From the glamor of the s to the slump of the s and freshly found vigor in the new millennium, we trace Las Vegas' history and journey through events that made the Sin City. Microsoft and partners may be compensated if you purchase something frank com casino recommended links in this article. Inspired by the abundance of wild grass and desert spring waters usually so sparse in the Mojave Desert, he named the valley Las Vegas — Spanish for "the meadows".

Pictured here are petroglyphs in the Valley of the Fire State Park left behind by the Anasazi some 2, years ago. Although the Mormons abandoned the fort a few years frank casino sverige building it, this inspired the first pioneer settlements in the area. But its fortunes changed with the arrival of mining magnate William A. Clark for whom the present-day county was named. Recognizing the potential of the location, Clark purchased land, secured water rights to the springs and had a railroad depot built. Located on Fremont Street, frank casino sverige the city's central and most important street, it was a hotel and a casino called Hotel Nevada, considered the height of luxury at the time.

Init was expanded and renamed as Sal Sagev Las Vegas spelled backwardsbut it regained its former name in The Golden Gate is also famous for its cheap shrimp cocktail, served from to There was an exception to the rule frank casino sverige. One area flourished, rapidly developing as a red light and gambling district. Even though the state outlawed gambling inillegal casinos continued underground until when it was legalized again.

The nickname Sin City is thought to have originated from the two original blocks of Fremont Street, where gambling, ladies of the night and liquor were all easily accessible. Attracted by the pleasant climate, gambling and Nevada's frank casino sverige relaxed divorce lawsLas Vegas' population exceeded 5, by and almost doubled in the next decade. Check more info these vintage photos of Hollywood stars on vacation. As soon as gambling was legalized again, it became the favorite pastime of people frank casino sverige for their divorces to be finalized, people on vacation and Hoover Dam construction workers on their frank casino sverige off.

Its construction brought in new residents and gamblers and it gave the valley's economy a much-needed boost during the Great Depression. It also provided two key commodities in ample supply — water and electricity. Finished init's still one of the largest and most ambitious public works ever undertaken by the federal government. Slideshow continues on the next slide.

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