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I then had a rare opportunity to move to Slot Operations, for which I will be forever art frank casino. Looking back, I realized that my time in Marketing was often invaluable to my success in Slots. With so many casinos isolating their teams in silos, I believe they are wasting a valuable opportunity to develop stronger executives art frank casino departmental rotations. I can think of no better example than trying to understand the subject of branding. Those in table games or slot operations art frank casino view the art frank casino as an excuse for marketers to waste money on fluff.

Certainly not old-school slot folks, understandably, but more than a few casino marketers also seem baffled by the whole concept. The subject is critically important, but difficult https://kage-sogo.com/Stories/online-casino-frank-promo-codes.php master. Want proof? But there are recent two works, specifically on casino branding, that are worth a read no matter what department you call home.

Both of these books stand out in this field, not least because they are quick, punchy reads. Both are roughly to pages shorter than the majority of the other branding books. Carcamo may be familiar to you: she has a blog, writes articles for various gaming publications, and is often a panelist at G2E, NIGA, and countless other gaming-related seminars. Rather, the assignments are suggestions to help implement the lessons of the previous chapter. Again, this is a quick read with solid content. Indeed, there are some paragraphs that should be carved in stone somewhere in your casino. However, I do have one tip to Carcamo for her second edition: she needs a better cover.

Gary Green put Donald Trump on the cover of his branding book, something that seems to be a path to instant sales success these days.

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